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Waves of Adrenaline: Music

Rain, Heavy at Times

(Waves of Adrenaline)
November 30, 2008
Alana Shaw/Bridget Ahrens

Rain, Heavy At Times

There’s a stillness in the forest, whispers my name

Distant roll of thunder tingles through my veins

Cooler air comes frolicking against my skin/A gentle rain begins.

A closer flash beside me – chipmunks scurry by

Thunder gently rumbles dancing across the sky

A sudden soaking rain seeps in, warmth upon my cheek/A downpour within.

I see your beauty and your grace

Winds blow through my hair

Grow up the sides of me bursting with tiny buds

I am so alive

The rain dissolves my edges, chords press into my hand

The ocean calls me home, waves upon the sand

The richness of this gentle rain swells up in me, and I am set free.