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Waves of Adrenaline: Music

Tin Woodswoman

(Waves of Adrenaline)
May 23, 2013
w/Colin McCaffrey on piano

There are things I hear [in this kingdom of pine]

Just as the night sky melts

Ringing the woods awake


Metal to bone. [I look around for my oil can.]


Clusters of birds I see [Smell of salt in the air]

High up beyond my reach

Rushing in waves of wing


Chorusing home. [Somewhere a door is opening.]



Let go the sails

Pull up the anchor line

I’m not made of tin

Feel the sun on my skin

I’m not in Oz anymore. 


See how the day glides free [reds and yellows roll wide]

Courage inside of me

Carries the grace to pull   

Water from stone. [  I tip my heart to you.]