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Waves of Adrenaline: Music

The Travelers' Tale

(Waves of Adrenaline)
August 23, 2013
Waves of Adrenaline

I am a traveler

On a road full of discord

Voices can’t seem to agree

What is the secret 

To seeing the forest

And not just one limited tree?


I don’t have a roadmap

Can’t point the direction

Don’t have a solid how-to

I can’t write it down

Or show you the shape of it

Give you the dance steps to do 


It just feels right

It just feels right

When I let my heart be my compass

It just feels right


But if there’s a secret

The woods they will whisper

The moon she will show you the way

There’s no corporate sponsor

When you’re on the mountain

No profits to lead you astray.


I listen to silence

Seek out good company

Care for the seeds I have sown

Follow the blazes

Of those gone before me

Build a few cairns of my own.




Trust what’s inside you

Make the connection

Edges -- not what they seem

Life’s not a contest

Hold your heart forward

Everyone’s part of your team.


Sit down beside me

Tell me your stories

People and places you’ve been

Birds you have listened for

Roads you have traveled

Songs you’ve sung over again.