1. Relativity

From the recording Relativity


(With Colin McCaffrey playing mando)
I know how traffic works
It flows like water
I lean the way I mean to go
Bridge up and over
Lights flowing past me
I can fly.
I know how airports work
Time in suspension
A blend of rushing and delay
Sidewalk is rolling
I'm sailing faster
Standing still.
The more I know the more I don’t
What’s this engine driving me?
The years are blasting past me
I stand still
I’m tasting relativity.
I know how space works
Enormous distance
Travel unravels through the sky
Miles per second
No intersections
I can fly.
I know how time works
I’ve heard it ticking
I’ve felt it creeping in the night
I hear the roar of it
There’s no surrender
No brake light.
[repeat chorus]