1. Spelunking

From the recording Spelunking


We’re off on a wild adventure
Spelunking with caution thrown wide
Can you trust that I will return to you
With the essence of me still inside?
Descending with confidence, fearless
To the darkness and coolness and deep
Where I feel my way with my fingers
And the seeing is inward and deep.
The world reveals itself slowly
Unspooling its scenes and its threads
There is so much for me to unravel
And weave it together unsaid.
There is danger above and below me
There is danger, too, lurking inside
When I choose to dive into this moment
There really is nowhere to hide.
The gravity holds me so tightly
My essence won’t spirit away
Will you wait, will you trust
Will you love me?
I’ll be back at the end of the day. [chorus]